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2 Signs You Need To Have Your Car's Disc Brakes Inspected As Soon As Possible

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When your car has disc brakes, the way they work is the calipers push the brake pads against the rotors. As friction between the two surfaces quickly builds up, the car slows down and eventually stops.

Normally, the braking process is smooth and silent, and anything other than those conditions is a sign that something is wrong with the system. Below are a couple of signs you should look for that indicate that your car's disc brakes need to be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

1. You Hear Any Noise Coming from Your Brakes Whenever They Are Engaged 

One sign that you need to have your car's brakes inspected and fixed as soon as possible is when you start hearing odd noises coming from them whenever they are engaged. If you hear a screeching noise, for example, the brake pads may have become worn and uneven.

If you hear grinding, however, the brake pads may be completely worn down, causing the calipers to dig into the rotors. Or, the calipers themselves may be out of alignment. If the brakes are not looked at and repaired as soon as possible, the rotors will become irreversibly damaged and need to be replaced.

2. You Feel the Brakes Grab Whenever You Step on the Pedal, Making It Difficult to Control Your Car

Another sign that you need to have your car's brakes checked immediately is when you notice that they feel as though they are grabbing. Instead of smooth, fluid motion, the brakes will momentarily grab, which can make the car veer to one side and cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

In this case, one side of the brake pads may be worn more than the other, causing uneven pressure against the rotors. Because of the temporary loss of control of your car, you need to have a professional inspect the brakes as soon as possible.

When your car's brakes start making strange noises whenever they are engaged and/or they grab intermittently, making you lose control of your car momentarily, you should have them checked as soon as possible to ensure that you stay safe while driving. The brake pads may need to be changed, the rotors may be grooved, or the calipers may need readjusting. As soon as you are able, take your car to an auto shop that offers brake inspection services so that they can find the issue and fix it to get you safely back on the road.