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Why Is A Liquid Spreading Underneath My Vehicle?

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When you move your car, you might notice that there is a puddle underneath. You might be worried because you think this is a sign that fluids are leaking out. However, this could simply be a sign that your air conditioning is working properly or that your car simply got wet.

Water Pooling Under Your Car

When you're running your AC, the system will drain water off of your evaporator. The moisture can then drip onto the ground underneath your vehicle and form a puddle. 

The Liquid Might Not Be Water

However, the puddle might not actually be water. Make sure to smell the liquid. If it smells sweet, this can be a sign that it's actually another fluid such as a coolant. If you are leaking coolant, it's important to fix this problem as soon as possible. Coolant is necessary when regulating the temperature of your vehicle.

It Might Be a Coolant

When a coolant is leaking from your vehicle, this can be a sign that there is a hole in your radiator. One of the most common reasons why a hole forms in the radiator is corrosion that occurs over time. Also, the leak might be coming from the hose that is connected to the radiator. 

The head gasket of an engine sometimes blows because of the rising and falling temperature found inside an engine and also the fluctuation in pressure. When the gasket has blown, it will not be able to keep the coolant and oil separate and your engine is more likely to overheat and fail.

Watch Out for Oil Leaks

If the fluid looks thick and dark, this is more likely to be oil. Oil is very thick and it's also difficult to clean up. Therefore, it's easier to tell whether the liquid is oil or water.

There are several factors that can lead to an oil leak. You might have a loose or broken filler cap. You might have a worn-out gasket. The gasket is a component found in your engine and is something you should repair as soon as possible.

How to Stop Your Car from Leaking

If an important fluid is leaking from your car, you must have your vehicle checked out by a maintenance technician as soon as you can—such as British 4x4. Not having enough coolant or oil can cause severe damage to your vehicle. Oil and coolant leaks can also indicate a much more serious problem with your engine.