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3 Questions To Ask Fleet Oil Change Service Companies

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If your company has a fleet of cars, then you need to keep them in good shape. As well as regular services and checks, it pays to have regular oil changes. Old motor oils can get so dirty and contaminated that they can't work efficiently. They sometimes damage parts of your car and will certainly increase your fuel costs.

You can hire an oil change service provider to do this job. These companies can remove and replace the oil in all of your vehicles to a set schedule. Before you choose a service, you may want to ask the following questions:

1. Do They Offer Fleet Discounts? 

Some oil change service companies will give you a discount if you bring all of your fleet's cars to them. Some companies give you a flat discounted rate; others offer a rising discount based on your vehicle numbers. Here, the more vehicles you have, the more you can save.

Don't forget to check how any discount will be applied. You aren't likely to change the oil in all of your cars at the same time, so the company might ask you to prove how many vehicles are in your fleet.

For example, you might need to give the company a list of your vehicles and their VIN numbers. They can then use this list to apply the right deal every time one of your employees comes in for an oil change.

2. Do They Have Mobile Service?

While an oil change won't eat into an employee's day too much, it still takes time. People might not get their oil changed at the right time if they are busy. Plus, some people will forget to stick to their schedules.

Some oil change services also have a mobile option. They come to you to change the oil on some or all of your fleet's vehicles. This can save you some time. You also ensure that your employees have regular oil changes. The service can simply work on your vehicles in your parking lot or garage while your employees are at work.

3. Do They Offer Other Services?

Oil change companies often offer other services. For example, some companies will check, change, or top-up other fluids as well as oil. A service that also deals with your antifreeze, and brake and transmission fluids will be useful. Some companies also check your wipers, lights, and tire pressure during an oil change.

To get started, contact your local oil change companies.