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Three Serious Transmission Problems

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The transmission is a critical part of your automobile. Unfortunately, it can experience problems that may lead to significant malfunctions and damage if they are not quickly addressed by the vehicle's owner.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Leaking transmission fluid can be a problem that may eventually result in the destruction of your vehicle's transmission. This is due to the fact that a lack of transmission fluid can substantially increase the amount of friction this part of the vehicle experiences. These leaks will often cause spots of transmission fluid to collect under the vehicle when it is parked. If you notice these spots under your vehicle, it should be assessed for potential transmission fluid leaks as quickly as possible.

Additionally, you should periodically have the transmission fluid levels checked as this can assist with finding very small leaks that could eventually lead to a substantial amount of transmission fluid being lost before you even notice a problem is occurring. Luckily, minor transmission leaks are often simple and affordable problems to repair as long as they are completed before the transmission can suffer significant damage due to the leak.

Transmission Unable To Stay In Gear

When your transmission shifts gears, it should be a smooth process for the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are a few problems that can lead to the transmission having a difficult time changing gears. This may cause it to periodically slip when attempting to change gears. If your vehicle is suffering from this problem, it will need to undergo immediate repairs. This slipping can cause extensive damage to the transmission that may result in it needing to be replaced or rebuilt. There can be many potential sources of a slipping transmission, and a full diagnostic will be necessary for a repair technician to find and correct the source of the problem.

Excessively High RPM

Excessively high revolutions per minute can be a cause of significant damage to the transmission, and it can also be a symptom of other serious problems with the transmission. This is due to the tremendous force that can be exerted on the transmission when the RPMs are running too high. When a driver notices that their vehicle has higher RPMs than normal, this may indicate that a problem is occurring with the transmission that should be evaluated by a professional repair service. Otherwise, your vehicle could be vulnerable to suffering catastrophic damage that could leave you stranded and require major repairs to correct.

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