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Dealing With Damage To Your Car After An Accident

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If you have been involved in a collision with your car, you may have some damage that you need to deal with. Taking your car into an auto body repair shop is the best way to determine just how extensive the damage is and what is required to make the needed repairs. 

Inspection and Estimates

When you have your vehicle taken to an auto body repair shop after an accident, you need to pick the one you are comfortable with. The insurance company may recommend a shop, but that is often because the prices are lower and the company saves money on the repairs. You can choose anybody shop you like, so pick one recommended by friends, family, or that you have worked with before.

Once the vehicle is at the shop, an auto body repair technician will go over it for you and inspect the damage from the accident. In some cases, the damage to the surface may not be all that they find, so it important to let them go over the entire car to look for things that are not obvious at first glance. 

Once the inspection is complete, the tech will give you an estimate that includes all the work required and a breakdown of the cost for that work. If you are unclear on any of the work on the list, ask the auto body repair tech to explain it to you. In most cases, they will be happy to show you the damage and why it needs repairing.

Working With Your Insurance Company

Sometimes the insurance company can be challenging to work with, but the auto body repair shop may already have a relationship with them. Often it is easier for the shop to work directly with the insurance because they understand the ins and outs of the policies and the limitations that most insurance companies will have.

Talk to the auto body repair shop about the insurance and how they handle that part if you have questions. Some insurance companies will pay the body shop directly, so all you need to do is wait for the work to be completed and then pick up the car. In contrast, others will issue the payment to you, and you will need to pay for the auto body repair services when you pick the vehicle up. 

It is crucial that you check with the insurance company about the deductible as well. Often they will pay for the repair less the deductible, so you will need to come up with that additional money when you pay for the repair. Some shops will reduce the bill to help offset that deductible, but ask them before you assume that is the case or they could hold your car until you have that additional money for them.

To learn more, contact an auto body repair service.