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2 Sounds From Your Car's Transmission That You Should Never Ignore

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You may have noticed that your car is making some odd noises while you are driving, especially when the transmission is shifting gears. If so, these sounds most likely indicate that there is a problem somewhere within the system. If you suspect that the sounds are coming from your car's transmission, there are a couple of noises that you should never ignore because they mean that serious problems are present.

1.  Whining Sound While Your Car Is in Reverse

One noise you may have noticed while driving your car is a whining sound that you hear while your car is in reverse. At first, this whining may be barely audible. However, as the days pass, it may become so loud that it almost overpowers the sound of your vehicle's engine.

If this is the case, the whining noise may be caused by a clogged transmission fluid line. Normally, your transmission fluid is thin so that it can easily travel through the interior and coat the planetary gear system.

However, if the fluid has become burnt or if there is any grinding of the gears that may be contaminating the fluid, it can become so thick that it cannot pass through the line easily. Then, because the fluid is blocked, the transmission will not be properly lubricated, which will make the gears grind together and cause even more damage.

2.  Grinding Sounds While the Transmission Is Shifting Gears

Whether your gears are not well-lubricated or there is a misalignment of the gears, you may eventually start hearing a grinding sound coming from the transmission. This noise is caused either by the gears striking each other without being properly coated with transmission fluid or by the gears hitting each other at odd angles.

If you are hearing these grinding noises, damage is already being done to the metal on the gears. Eventually, the gears will no longer be able to shift your car and may make the transmission seize up while you are driving. 

If you hear either of the above noises coming from your transmission, you need to have it looked at by a professional before driving it extensively to prevent major damage that may result in you having to replace your transmission. Take your car straight to an auto shop that offers car transmission repair services so that they can find the cause and discuss your options for fixing it.

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