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Here's What You Should Expect From the Repair Shop You Choose for Your Vehicle

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Are you looking for a new repair shop to take your vehicle to? Here's what you should be able to expect from the service provider that you ultimately decide to work with:

Accurate Timeline Quotes

The auto repair shop you choose to do business with should be able and willing to provide you with accurate timeline quotes whenever you take your vehicle in for maintenance or repairs. If you schedule a brake replacement appointment, your service provider should tell you exactly how long you can expect the process to take once you drop your vehicle off so you can plan your life accordingly.

If you don't know how long a service will take, you may find it inconvenient to arrange the transportation you need while you're without your vehicle. And if the service your vehicle is getting takes longer than expected, you could end up unnecessarily spending money on things like a car rental or bus ticket. So make sure that the service provider you choose not only provides repair and maintenance timeline estimates but also guarantees those estimates in some way.

Onsite Parts Storage

Another thing that the repair facility you take your vehicle to should do is store parts and tools onsite so they don't have to be ordered when needed. If it's found that your vehicle needs a new air filter or radiator, you won't want to wait days or weeks for the parts to arrive before the parts can be replaced.

You'll want your vehicle back in action within just a day or two, which would only be possible if the needed parts were already on hand. While you shouldn't expect your auto repair shop to stock every possible part that's available for your vehicle, you should expect them to stock the basic parts that are most likely to need attention as time goes on.

History Report Management

An important service that the auto repair shop you choose to work with should offer is history report management. Any time the shop performs any service on your vehicle, a report should be created and then filed under your customer account so it can be referred to at a later time. Whenever something goes wrong with your vehicle and you take it in for troubleshooting and repairs, your service provider will be able to pull your history records up and learn exactly what's already been done to the car.

If the history reports indicate that something was recently replaced, then that part can be eliminated as the cause of your vehicle's current problem. And the reports will help highlight what has not been done to the vehicle to help your service provider determine when a part may need an inspection or a tune-up.