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3 Key Transmission Repair And Maintenance Tips

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Your transmission is a critical part of your vehicle that should be maintained with diligence. It is the part that lets you shift up and down as you speed up and slow down when you drive. Blowing a transmission can be costly, as the installation of a new one can cost as much as $8,000. In order to avoid having your transmission blow out and to be sure that your vehicle is working to the best of its ability, you should keep reading and use some of these valuable transmission repair and maintenance tips, which every driver should be aware of. 

Tip #1: Get Your Computer System Inspected

In today's automobile industry, the vast majority of vehicles are highly computerized and use these computer systems to communicate with all of the various moving parts. What this means is that a computer malfunction related to your transmission sensors can cause the entire transmission system to fail, even if there is nothing wrong with the part itself. Take your automobile to a shop that can not only inspect the transmission, but also the computer system that it communicates with on a regular basis. 

Tip #2: Check Out Your Fluid

When you want your transmission to work at all times, you will need to keep the fluid in its best condition. To do this, make it a weekend project to check your fluid. Pop the hood and pull the transmission fluid stick out. Look at the fluid and make sure that it is not dingy and drab. It should be a pinkish, reddish color when fresh. You should also check the fluid levels to be sure that it measures up to the fill measurement. If it does, it means that your transmission has enough fluid -- otherwise, you will need to add some more. 

Tip #3: Take Your Vehicle In To A Transmission Shop

It is important that you let a car shop that specializes in transmissions provide service for your automobile. These professionals will be able to look after your automobile regularly, to be sure that you have fresh fluid changes, maintenance of each of the hundred or so moving parts that make up your transmission and take your vehicle in for frequent inspections. This will be what you need in order to always have your transmission in the best condition. 

Use these three tips in order to make the most of your transmission. If you need transmission repair, visit a mechanic shop in your area.