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How To Get More Customers To Your Shop For Transmission Repair

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Transmission services are common needs among vehicle owners, and you want to nab as much business in this avenue as possible. Here are a few ways you can bring in more customers for transmission services (such as is done by Terry's Transmission) and repair to boost your business. 

Offer payment plans

Repairing a transmission can cost upwards of $2,800 whether this is done by rebuilding or replacing of the unit. This is a hefty cost that many people don't have upfront, even if they need to have their vehicles running again right away. You can keep customers from turning away from your business due to transmission repair costs by offering a payment plan that makes getting this service less damaging to their pocketbooks. Simply require a certain amount down and allow customers to pay off the remainder over a series of months.

Provide discount services

Cheaper transmission services, such as flushing, fluid checking, or leak repairs, can be offered to your customers at a cheaper rate than your competitors. Even a slight percentage off can lure customers in and give you new clientele, as customers often return to auto mechanics they have become familiar with. If a customer has had their transmission replaced or rebuilt by your company, you can reward them by offering a free transmission flushing and fluid refill the next time this maintenance is needed. 

Advertise free transmission checks 

Customers want to know that their transmissions are working as they should. They want to be reassured that their fluids are clear and at the right levels and that their transmission isn't leaking. Offering free transmission checks are beneficial to customers because they get a free service, and beneficial to your company in getting people in the door. While in most cases you will find that peoples' transmissions are indeed in good condition, there will be others that will show signs of wear. Doing a free transmission check allows you to spot and recommend repair on genuine faults in a customer's transmission who may not have known about their issue if they had not come to your establishment for free service.

If you want to increase your customer base as far as transmission repairs go, you need to make sure that your services are affordable and provide a benefit to your customers beyond a simple repair. Customers will be more likely to come to your establishment if they know they can pay off expensive repairs over time, get free transmission flushing, or discounted maintenance.