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2 Things To Look For In Your Transmission

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If you own a car you probably already know how important maintenance is. Without taking the time to understand the car and when it needs repairs you can easily find yourself with major problems. This is why it is so important that all car owners understand signs that their car needs maintenance. The transmission is one of the most important parts of the car, and it can be dangerous if it fails while driving, which is why you need to know that signs that your transmission is giving out. Here are some things to look for. 

1. Difficulties Shifting Gears

Ideally, when you drive your car and shift gears, the shift should be effortless. Once you put the gearshift into a new position, the car should respond quickly and you shouldn't hear any grinding or noises. If you do notice that there is a loud grinding noise coming from the car each time you shift, you should consider taking it in for maintenance. It could just be that the gearshift needs some oil, or it could mean that the transmission is soon to fail.

Second, be careful about slow and unresponsive shifting. If you shift the car into drive and it takes a while for the car to respond, or if you have to try shifting again before it takes, this could be a problem. You should be checking these things often by turning off all the music or noise in the car and sitting in your driveway shifting back and forth between the gears. This will let you know if your transmission is giving out.

2. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Another important feature is to look for fluid leaking from the car. Transmission fluid is generally a red or pink color and it usually leaks while you are driving. This means that you won't notice a lot of fluid under the car while it is parked, but you may see it on the edge of your driveway since the fluid leak would happen while you were pulling out.

If you are leaking fluid it is very important that you replace the fluid often. Running on low fluid is very dangerous. Thus, you should be checking the level often and refilling it as needed until you can either replace or repair the transmission.

By understanding what to look for in your transmission you can be sure that you are safe to drive your car. If you have any concerns you should take it into an auto repair shop right away. Companies like Rolling Bay Automotive may be able to meet your needs.