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3 Signs Your Radiator Is Going To Need To Be Replaced

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Your vehicle depends on a number of different components to keep it running and on the road. If even one of those components starts to fail, it will cause problems for your vehicle. While some of those components might not pose a major problem, others can cause your engine to overheat and ultimately fail. The radiator helps to keep your engine cool, even when the temperature outside is scorching. To help make sure you aren't stuck on the side of the road with a faulty radiator, here are three warning signs to be on the lookout for.

Discolored coolant.

Your coolant is supposed to be a green color. In the event that your coolant starts to look murky or otherwise discolored, you might be dealing with a leaking radiator. Often, this is the result of something getting clogged on the radiator and preventing the coolant from being able to flow freely through the motor and get to where it is supposed to be. A radiator flush might be able to solve the problem for you. However, when the blockage is too bad, you have no other option than to replace the part.

The coolant levels are constantly low.

When you put the coolant into your vehicle, the levels should stay where they need to be. If you notice that the coolant is always low and you have to add fluid to get it back to where it needs to be, you might be dealing with a leak somewhere along the lines. Torn radiators can cause the coolant to end up leaking out of the hoses or the unit itself. When the coolant leaks out, your vehicle can end up overheating and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Anytime your coolant levels are low, make sure to have a mechanic check it out for you.

Engine temperature is always hot.

If you notice the gauge on your dashboard for engine temperature reading hot, you need to find out what the cause is. Not paying attention to the reading could end up landing you with a blown engine and a whole host of other problems. The gauge will often alert you to a problem that needs to be taken care of to prevent something worse from happening.

If you notice any of the things above going on with your vehicle, you need to take it in to a mechanic like Branford Radiator Repair Service for an accurate diagnosis of what the problem is.