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Three Signs To Look Out For To Detect Brake Problems

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You know you probably need to take your car in for a check-up if your brakes are taking longer than usual to bring your car to a stop. Your brakes obviously have an important function in keeping your vehicle safe out on the road. 

However, brakes don't always gradually lose their effectiveness. Sometimes, problems can develop in your brakes that don't show any obvious signs until your vehicle is already causing a safety risk to yourself and other drivers. Early detection of brake problems is not only important for maintaining safety, but it can also save you money. Often, getting your brakes repaired sooner means that you'll be able to solve mechanical problems before they progress and require more replacement parts and labor. 

Being aware of the following three indicators of brake problems allows you to get your car in for repairs before you're at risk of getting into an accident or having to spend a lot of money on auto repairs: 

Unusual odors

Brakes that are beginning to malfunction may give off foul odors. If you notice a burning smell coming from your car, it could be an indication of brake issues. A vehicle that is producing such an odor should immediately be taken off the road and looked at by a mechanic. 

Foul odors can indicate that brakes need emergency repairs and will rapidly get worse if the problem is not addressed quickly. If you smell something burning, it means that components of your brake system may be overheating. This brake damage could cause other mechanical parts of your vehicle to overheat and result in even more extensive damage. 

Vibrating movements in your brake pedal or steering wheel

Often, vehicles that are beginning to experience brake failure will jolt, vibrate, or pulsate when the vehicle begins coming to a stop. These movements can be sensed either by your foot on the brake pedal or by your hands on the steering wheel.

Such movements typically indicate that brake rotors are becoming worn out. If you get your brake rotors replaced right away, you will prevent them from becoming disfigured and possibly damaging other parts of your brake system like brake pads, lines, slide pins, or hoses. 

Strange noises coming from your tires

Pay attention to any unfamiliar noises coming from your vehicle when you press on your brakes. Noises like screeching and squealing could indicate that you've got a problem with your brake shoe or brake pad. 

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