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Does Your Vehicle Have Suspension Problems?

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Every vehicle has a suspension system that helps ensure the ride is comfortable and smooth. However, the suspension can develop issues over time that impact your vehicle's performance. That's why it helps to know some of the signs of car suspension problems so you can have it repaired. 

Uneven Tire Tread Wear   

Your tires may be the first indication that you have a problem with your suspension. It is worth taking a look at the treads to see if they have uneven wear. This can easily happen if the suspension has worn components and the tires are not coming in contact with the ground properly. If you ignore the problem and the tire tread continues to wear down in an odd manner, you'll end up needing to repair your suspension and replace your tires as well. 

Nose Diving And Bouncing

A bad suspension is going to create two problems when you're driving. You may notice that the vehicle is unable to absorb the bumps on the road, which will cause the amount of bouncing to be a bit excessive. The other problem is that the vehicle can nose dive when you apply the brakes because the shocks or struts are worn-out and will not keep the vehicle level. 

A good way to test this problem is to press down on the hood of your vehicle when it is parked. The vehicle should immediately return to its normal position when you release pressure from the vehicle. If the suspension system is damaged, it is going to bounce a bit before settling into the neutral position.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Your vehicle's steering wheel is not meant to vibrate while you are driving, and this problem can be a clear sign of a suspension issue. You may have bushings that are worn down, wheels that are misaligned, or components of the suspension that need to be replaced or repaired. It is also worth noting if the problem happens at certain speeds or while braking, and then relaying this information to a mechanic when they inspect the problem. 

Body Roll

A unique problem caused by a bad suspension is body roll. This is when the vehicle sways too much to the side when turning, which can make the vehicle feel unstable. It's a problem that typically happens due to a sway bar that is in need of repair or replacement since it plays a key role in making sure the vehicle is level when turning.