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Tips To Help You Winterize Your Car

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If you live in a region that gets rather cold during at least part of the year, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to prepare your vehicle for that icy weather. It is not hard to winterize a vehicle, but there are some very specific things you will want to do. To help get you started on the right path, you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following:

Replace A Faulty Battery 

You will want to replace your old car battery with a brand-new one if it is already giving you some trouble. The reason for this is that the dropping temperatures can cause some batteries to decrease in power. You don't want to be stuck away from home during a snowstorm because your old battery can no longer power the vehicle.

Have Snow Tires Put On

Sure, you could technically use your all-season tires for the entire year, but you might want to consider changing those out for winter tires when the temperature begins to drop. If your all-season tires still have plenty of tread on them, you can set them aside in your garage so they can be used again in the warmer months. The reason snow tires are so much better is that they are made with low temperatures in mind and can grab the icy or snowy road much better than other types of tires.

Fill The Windshield Wiper Reservoir

You want to make sure that you have plenty of windshield washer fluid while driving during the winter. The tires from vehicles both right in front of you and passing you are likely to kick up a lot of dirty slush, snow, ice, and road salt. You will need to use more windshield wiper fluid in the winter than at any other time. It can be extremely dangerous to drive in the winter without plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Also, you might want to consider purchasing the special formula of windshield wiper fluid that is specifically designed for extremely cold temps and that maybe also has a de-icing component to it.

Those tips should be enough to help you winterize your vehicle. This can be a great time to strike up a conversation with friends and family to make sure that they know to do the same. You might even find some additional tips from the things they have learned over the years.