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Own A Fleet Truck Company? 4 Services A Fleet Maintenance Services Company Can Offer You

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If you own a fleet truck company, if your trucks break down this will stop your business from running properly and make you lose money. Fortunately, there is a service known as fleet maintenance services that can keep your trucks up and running. Below are four services they can offer your company.

1. Helps if Your Trucks Break Down

If one of your trucks breaks down completely while on the road, the fleet maintenance services company can come to the location and get it running again. The company sends a certified mechanic so they will know what is wrong. The mechanic will bring many things with them just in case they are needed, such as a battery, alternator, oil, and more.

If the truck cannot be repaired, the fleet maintenance services company will offer to get the truck to a nearby mechanic by towing it.

2. Provide Maintenance

If you have a lot of fleet trucks it can be difficult to keep up with all the maintenance. A fleet maintenance services company like Service Pros Auto Center can take care of this for you and they will keep up when the maintenance was done on each truck.

Part of this maintenance includes doing oil changes, run diagnostics to look for problems, and do multi-point inspections. If the services company finds a problem with any of the trucks, they can make minor or major repairs then, so the trucks will not break down later.

3. Service More Than Just Trucks

Even though your trucks are the most important part of your business, it is still important that other things you have stay running. For example, if you use forklifts they need to stay in constant good condition.

Many fleet services company can also offer this service. Besides forklifts, they can service things like backhoes, generators, excavators, and air compressors.

4. Provide Computerized Fleet Recordings

The fleet maintenance services company can also offer you computerized fleet recordings. With this, a small computer will be installed on the dash in each of your trucks. From this computer, you can get a lot of information like how many times your trucks have stopped and how many miles the trucks are being driven.

These computers can also determine maintenance that has been done on the trucks. For example, it can show the last time the trucks had an oil change. If the truck breaks down, the computer will notify the fleet maintenance service company, so they can come to their aid.

Contact a fleet maintenance services company in your area to learn much more about how they can help your company.