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Keep The Motor Running: 4 Maintenance Tips To Help Your Car Last Longer

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You worked hard to get your first car. With proper maintenance, your car should last you a long time. Unfortunately, if you're not familiar with vehicle maintenance, you might miss some very important steps. While changing the oil is important to the safety of your car, there are some other steps you'll need to take to keep your car in proper working order. Here are four steps you should take to help your car last longer.

Flush the Cooling System

The coolant in your car prevents the engine from overheating. As you drive, the coolant is filtered through your car. Over time, that coolant can degrade. When that happens, it stops protecting your car from corrosion and overheating. To keep your cooling system functioning properly, you should flush it out and replace the coolant at least once a year. This is particularly true if you live in a region that experiences extreme temperatures.

Change Your Transmission Fluid

You might think that because the transmission is a closed system that the fluid won't need to be replaced. Unfortunately, that's not correct. Dirty transmission fluid can cause dirt and other impurities to filter through your entire engine. Your owner's manual will provide you with a schedule of how often your transmission fluid will need to be replaced. To protect your transmission, you should follow those recommendations.

Clean the Undercarriage

If you live in a region that experiences a significant amount of snowfall each year, you'll need to clean the undercarriage of your car at least once a month during the winter. Road grime and rock salt used for snow removal can get caked on to the undercarriage. If left there, those contaminants can destroy your car. Protect the undercarriage by hosing it down on a regular basis.

Replace the Brake Fluid

The brake fluid in your car can become contaminated by moisture build-up in the reservoir. You can protect your delicate brake system by replacing the brake fluid and bleeding the brakes at least once a year. Failure to replace the brake fluid can cause your brakes to corrode – which can lead to brake failure.

If this is your first car, you might not be familiar with all the maintenance it will require. Use the steps provided here to keep your car in good condition. If you have other questions about the maintenance your car will require, be sure to speak to your mechanic. To learn more, speak with someone like Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake.